Love that surpasses all understanding

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You think you know love but you haven’t seen anything yet! You love ice cream and peanut butter on toast. You love Christmas and snuggly jumpers. And you love the people around you of course, your friends and your family, but as you love all these things, the foodstuffs and the seasons, you dilute your understanding of what it really means to love.

You think you understand my love for you but you’ve barely scratched the surface! I am love. It is my very nature, my core, my essence. I am God and I am love. Let me say it again … I am God and I am love.

Every and any pure expression of love comes from me, even those expressions that show up through people who say they don’t believe in me. Just because they don’t yet let me love them directly doesn’t mean that my love cannot touch them. I’ve been loving them since before they were born. If they know love, they know me. They simply don’t yet know they know!

Pause for a moment and ask me to open all your senses to a more rich understanding of my love for you. Allow my love to fill you, to touch every cell of your body. Wiggle your fingers and your toes. Feel my love reaching the very end of every single digit. 

Breathe in and breathe out. I am closer than the air that you breathe and every step you take forward from here, you take in my love and with my love. I go ahead of you, preparing the way, and I am in the rear guard, protecting you from the pain of your past.

You carry me everywhere you go. You carry love everywhere you go. Feel my love. Live in my love. Allow me to show you my love that surpasses all your understanding. See it, feel it, and live in it – always!

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