Loved, without exception

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

There is no one quite like you. I saw you and knew you as I created the world, you and billions more. Everyone who ever was, who is and who ever will be, all seen and known before the foundations of the world and each as unique as a fingerprint!

And all from the same basic building blocks of humanity, woven into intricate patterns to create billions and billions of original humans. Yes, I know the thought of that is astounding to you. 

Here’s what I need you to understand today … you are seen and known, intimately so. I understand what makes you tick. I know what lights you up. I see your likes and your dislikes and know where each one came from. I watched as you journeyed the stories that would make you the person you are today.

You might sometimes feel like not everyone really gets you but there has not been one moment of your life where you weren’t fully known and understood by me. Fully known, understood and loved. Loved since the moment I saw you all the way back in eternity past.

You have been saturated in my love, held in my love, moving with my love, your whole life – even before you knew of my existence. Your knowing me doesn’t make it possible for you to be loved. You have always been loved and are loved, without exception.

As one who resides in my love, I’m inviting you to move with me into our next season. I have a plan for your life, a purpose in creating you that is wider than the default answer of “to be in relationship with God”. Yes, you were created to be in relationship with me and there’s stuff for us to do together. And it’s time to step into that purpose. Are you ready?

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