Me-helping you, you love

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Don’t get weary in well doing. You feel like you’re always the person to speak peace into a situation and it sometimes exhausts you but never forget who you are modelling.

Every time you choose to sow love instead of discord you shoot an arrow into the enemy camp, an arrow that hits straight at the core of enemy defences. The forces of darkness have no defence against love, they don’t know what to do with it, so keep your love on. Don’t get weary in well doing.

What do you mean you sometimes feel like you don’t know how? The answer is so simple I fear you’re going to roll your eyes when you hear it: You keep your love on by simply keeping on, keeping on with me. 

Yes, we’ve explored this before. I did warn you that this was not a new revelation but you asked the question and you know already how much I love to answer your questions. And with me really is so important, more important than you were ever taught.

You are the light of the world, the salt that brings out my flavours, and the only way you can shine as brightly as I created you to shine is when you are with me. I will never leave you, never ever forsake you and there are times you’re less aware of my ever-nearness.

It’s when you lose sight of my ever-presentness that you start to get sleepy. Without my intervention, your head drops and you’re tempted to simply power through whatever you come against. That isn’t my way. I want you to love people higher, call them into the plan and purpose for their life. How do you do that? Me-helping you, you love.

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