My heart for you is huge!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

My heart for you is so much bigger than you know. And not just for you of course. My love is personal, very personal, and it is also vast and for the world. The world that is and was and will be.

And now consider this … I am love. You know this to be true and I remind you that I am love, time and time again. And you know also how boundless and matchless I am, right? I created the stars, whole galaxies, every species of animal, insect and bird with simply the power of my voice.

Well here’s what I want you to ponder on right now … if I am love and I’m boundless and matchless, what does that say about the size of my love? See? So, so much bigger than you know!

And love wins. It might feel like you’re fighting a losing battle sometimes, that the forces of evil are creeping in, that the world is getting darker. This is a lie from the enemy, he’d love nothing more than for you to feel defeated.

Not that your feelings change the reality of course. It is finished! It was finished two thousand years ago on the cross and it is finished right now today. The enemy knows it, even if you lose sight of the truth from time to time.

He can’t change the ultimate outcome, he doesn’t have the power to do that. Instead, his goal is to spoil our relationship. The more hopeless and defeated you feel, the more you keep your head down and focus on simply surviving.

Lift up your head! Open your eyes and see the real vastness of my love, the vastness of our ultimate victory. Have hope dear one! Don’t give up doing good. Step into this and every moment of today with me, full to the top with my love, and when it feels hard, use that as a reminder to press in deeper. My heart for you is huge and I will not let you forget it!