My joy is your greatest strength!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

No matter what kind of day you’re facing today, understand that I am here to hold you, to lift you and to strengthen you. There is joy to be had in embracing all of today with me and, as you do so, I am able to empower you in new ways.

Understand that this is not a conditional relationship. I am with you, no matter what, even if you choose not to enter into today with me. I am love and I love you, without recourse. There’s no hiding from my love and nothing can separate you from my love, ever!

The real beauty and power in embracing today with me is your awareness of my ever-nearness. As you become aware of me with you, as you start to share with me the things that are on your heart, you start to expect a reply, a response.

Expecting to hear me, expecting me to want to show up for you and with you, allows all of your senses to be open to the myriad of ways that I’m acting in your life. And that’s where the joy is found. 

And no, it’s not that I cannot act unless you recognise and see me. I am always moving, always acting for your best, but without us walking this out in relationship, you won’t always see it. Or you’ll come against something in a day and assume you have to battle through on your own. This has never been the case!

You are amazing and brilliant – and you don’t have to do everything on your own! There are things you’re holding onto that I would love to hold for you. Ask me to show you where you’re trying to fix everything yourself. Let me show you my solutions. And let me bring you joy as you do so because my joy is your greatest strength.

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