My love is moving

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I know I always say, “you are on my heart” but I keep saying it because I need you to know just how true it is. No-one really understands love like I do, not really. It’s at the core of who I am and yet, because love has had a bit of a bad rap as a watered down, mushy thing, you find it hard to recognise just how vital my love is.

And how far reaching it is. Everyone who loves is in me. Everyone. They might not realise it yet but they are. That’s how powerful my love really is. Nothing can separate you from my love. It is incredible!

Do you know what else is incredible? The lies you’ve believed about me and my love. And I don’t mean just you, it’s part of the human condition.

But my love is just so incredible! Bask in the wonder of it. Bask in the wonder of me, because I am love. And there is so much more to explore in my love. You’re really just dipping your toe in the water, the river, the outpouring of my love.

And not everyone is ready to receive it. The religious spirit has a tight hold on some people, it’s all part of the control humanity likes to maintain.

Even people you care about, people you respect, have room to grow in my love. I meet you where you’re at, remember? So as you grow in my love, I can reveal myself more and more fully. 

And no, I won’t be fully known until the age to come. We have all of eternity to dive deep in my love, but do not doubt that my love is moving!