My love is the light of the world

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I will bring you exactly what you need, when you need it. This applies to day to day necessities and those things you’re excited to learn more about. You simply need to trust me. And yes, I know that word “trust” is loaded for you. You do trust me and you’re learning to trust me more, every day.

I am perfectly content to walk out this trust journey with you. Content and delighted to do so. Every time you say yes to an invitation from me, I rejoice! And every time you choose to partner with me, to trust that I know what I’m doing and have your best at heart, you help destroy the work of the enemy.

Don’t underestimate or negate the power of trust. It should be easy to trust the Creator of the universe. After all, I did the hardest thing already so why wouldn’t I also be able to move in these smaller ways? But trust is one of those “simple but not always easy” things for you, largely because of how I created you, in Whose image you were made.

And your understanding of how I move and my heart for humanity has been distorted for too long. It’s going to take you a minute to unpack some of your unconscious understandings of Who I am to you. That’s not your fault and I don’t condemn you. I am, however, inviting you into a new revelation of me and my love.

And as I reveal myself to you, I want you to share my heart with others. I’m playing the long game but it breaks my heart when my children reject me because of how I’ve been represented. You have a part to play in uncovering the truth of my love. And as you uncover it, don’t hide it. My love is the light of the world. It needs to shine!

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