My vision for you

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Why are you so afraid of the things that you’re good at? Those things that come so naturally to you, you can pick them up effortlessly? What stops you from embracing and accepting those things as gifts from me? And if I gave them to you, why won’t you delight in playing with them?

Yes, I know we’ve explored this before but it’s like your vision has become clouded. It’s time to change the lens through which you’re looking at your life. There are areas of your life where it’s like you’re wearing someone else’s spectacles. 

Whose story about you and your life have you been picking up and trying on? It’s left you with poor sight and right now I’m inviting you to let me give you a fresh vision, a renewed vision. I want to show you again how I see you.

Take off other people’s vision for you and your life, your purpose and accept my vision for you. Knowing that as you do so, everything will become clearer because my vision is designed especially for you. It’s not that another person’s vision is faulty, it’s simply not for you. Their vision is perfect for them – so long as they too aren’t falling for the trap of trying other people’s visions on for size – but hear me again … their vision is not for you.

And since I saw you and knew you as I was creating the world, would I not also equip you with exactly the perfect blend of gifts, tools and skills you need to live out the brightest, most radiant version of my vision for you? So stop rejecting my gifts! 

Explore with me again the vision I have for you and the gifts that compliment that vision. Ask me direct questions, the questions you usually keep to yourself, and know that I delight in answering and exploring with you. Ask, expecting an answer, and then let me help you pick up the gifts and use them. It’s time to step into my vision for you!

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