Not every whisper requires an action

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You sometimes feel like hearing me is the hard part of us doing life together. You imagine that if you simply hear it’ll then be easy to run with whatever it is I’m whispering to you. But what if I’m always whispering to you? And what if I don’t want you to simply receive instructions and run with them? What if I want to spend time together, exploring each other’s hearts, chatting about the day ahead and simply being?

I’m wooing you with my love, not issuing instructions to an employee! And not every whisper requires an action. What if sometimes it’s simply about being together? Not every conversation you have with the people in your household is about instructions or tasks you’d like them to perform for you. In fact, not many conversations with your loved ones are instructions or tasks! That’s no way to live and doesn’t make for a strong, healthy relationship.

Why should our relationship be any different? I’ve told you before – I want a relationship relationship with you. Something real, as real as your relationships at home. Maybe even more real because at least one of us is always going to be honest. You don’t have to pretend or hide anything from me. You don’t need to hold anything back.

And yes, of course I forgive you for those times you make our relationship transactional. Thank you for being open to this conversation today and allowing us to explore what a real relationship looks, feels and sounds like.

This is different to how you grew up understanding me and my love which is why you need these reminders. You all too often slip into “just tell me what to do” thinking when that was never my best for you. Face to face, hearing each other’s hearts. That’s my best for you and that’s the invitation, always.

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