Not just good but even better?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Have you ever paused to consider how I’m moving in the difficult seasons of life and, not only turning them to good, but turning them to even better? “Even better” within the context of what I’m inviting you to move into next.

“Even better” doesn’t negate the beauty and wonder of the previous season. This is simply an invitation to recognise that I am moving and acting on your behalf, and in ways that will amaze and delight you.

You want everything in life to be easy. You relish the joyful moments and wish that you didn’t have to endure difficult seasons. That’s very human of you and yes, one day I will wipe every tear from your eye but we’re not there yet. Living as you do in a world that’s not yet perfect, a world that has illness and death as a part of its reality, I need to help you navigate this differently.

What if you believed I could move in the tears? What if the tears were a gateway to your greatest miracle? Those things you’ve been talking to me about that feel out of reach? Nothing is impossible for me. Nothing. And if I have said it, it will be so!

And understand that I don’t need the hard seasons in order to move. Each and every promise I’ve given you can be fulfilled with joy. I’m not limited in my ability to move. What I can and often will do though is take the difficult moments and turn them to good through the fulfilment of my words. Why? Because it helps you heal. And I love you. Why wouldn’t I move in all things, work in all things, turn all things to good?

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