One moment of one day at a time

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I have so many different ways of communicating with you. It’s time to start exploring how else I’m speaking to you because there’s really no limit and I love doing life with you! If it feels like our default, regular way of exploring things is closed off or not the same as usual, take that as an invitation to do life with me in a way that you’ve not done before.

When you think you can’t hear me, don’t assume that I’m holding out on you or sulking. It’s not in my nature to sulk because I am love. Why would you assume that apparent silence means that there’s something wrong? Am I human that I would play such games with you?

And unlike some of the people you do life with, I’m never too busy. I don’t get so focussed on the task in hand that I can’t speak to you for hours. Yes, you’re limited in that way but no such limits exist for me. I can and am speaking to you always, wooing you with my love, inviting you deeper into relationship and exploring all of the things that are on your heart.

And so while our default or go to methods of communication are great and I love and appreciate your intentionality, don’t get so caught up in the method that you lose sight of the meaning behind what we’re doing.

Everything we do is about relationship. There are no exceptions to that statement, not one, and so if everything is about relationship, understand that that can look like so many different things, depending upon the context.

I am with you always, yes, and there is power and beauty in the intentionality of seeking my heart. Yes, you will sometimes catch my heart by accident but don’t rely on that. Instead, keep seeking me, keeping pressing in, keeping bringing me everything that’s on your heart and mind and let’s do life together, one moment of one day at a time.

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