Our time is precious

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Guard our time together. No matter how the next few weeks and months unfold, our time is precious. I know you know this but it’s time to explore what that means and why it’s so important. It took you so long to get to where we are today, you feel like there’s no way you could go back to how things were before. I hear your heart and that’s why we’re exploring this today – because I don’t want things to be how they were before either.

And that’s why I’m reminding you to guard our time together because it is the key to our relationship. We can’t have a solid, strong, intimate relationship if we don’t spend time together.

Imagine if you didn’t speak to one of your best friends for a month. What do you think would happen? You’d all too quickly lose connection. Not forever, it would be possible to pick things up again, but you’d miss out on the details and it would take concerted effort to rebuild your friendship.

It’s a little different with us because I’m not going anywhere and I know you even better than you know yourself but if we don’t have time together, you will lose your sense of connection with me. Hear me again: I won’t go anywhere, you will still be connected to me, but you simply won’t hear me as easily. I will seem far from you.

I know that’s not what you want, that’s why we’re having this conversation. It is far easier to avoid the traps if you know they’re there. When life gets busy, armed with today’s conversation, it will be far easier to sidestep the trap completely and keep doing life with me.

Smile, don’t look so sombre. Today’s conversation is a good thing. I hear your heart and I am helping to guard it by reminding you of the power of our connection. Guard our time together. Keep doing life with me, moment by moment. It really is that easy.

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