Play for the audience of One

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

It’s time to play for the audience of One. No agenda. No strategy. Simply operating from the position that everything you do and say and consider today, you do with me as your audience – and that’s enough.

I’m your audience and your co-labourer. We’re making this music together, dancing hand in hand, both our hands on the pen. See my hands on the keyboard as your fingers move. We really are doing this together.

And yes, I’m invisible to the natural world around you but let me open your spiritual eyes so you can see me because I am never hidden from you. I want to invite you into a new understanding of just how actively we’re doing life together. 

Playing for the audience of One really does change everything. You’re released from the worry of how what you share will land. You no longer need to obsess over numbers of likes. It doesn’t matter if nobody else responds because I am cheering you on, celebrating you with all of heaven!

Yes, I understand that you enjoy being liked. Words of affirmation light you up because that’s the way I wired you but what if you sought affirmation from the One? What if you allowed me to build you up? What if the words of others could slip off you like water off a ducks back?

Play for the audience of One and you’re free to do and share and be everything I created you to be. There is freedom and peace and joy in life with me – real joy, not the fake kind of joy you might see in a chocolate bar.

Play for the audience of One and as you do, know that your freedom is infectious. Play for the audience of One and know that others will want to meet the One too.

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