Are you ready to play?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

All of heaven had a party on the day you were born. We had another party on the day you recognised your need for me in your life. And we celebrate daily as you continue to walk this out with Us. Yes, you might say that heaven is one great big celebration!

As you step into this brand new day, ask me to show you again exactly who you are to me and in me. Let me whisper my gifts to you. Allow me to demonstrate to you again all of the ways you make my heart sing!

It’s time to open every single gift I give you. Open the box and play with my gifts to you. Try them on for size. Take them for a test drive and see if they suit you. Some of my gifts to you will feel as familiar as an old pair of shoes, comfy and moulded to you. Other gifts might feel a little strange at first and you’ll wonder if I made a mistake.

I never make a mistake. I am the ultimate gift-giver! If some of my gifts seem unusual or feel like they don’t quite fit, bring them to me and allow me to show you how I’ve tailored them to you. I give you exactly what you need, even before you know that you need it, and as your teacher, counsellor, friend and guide, I can help you explore each gift in the very best way possible.

Thank me for the gifts by using them. Picking up and playing with a gift is the very best compliment you can ever give. Don’t allow my gifts to lie stagnant in the bottom of the box. You might think you’re less likely to break them if you don’t pick them up but that’s simply not true!

Receive every gift I have for you. Embrace all that I’m doing in your life. Let us open the gift together and get ready to play!

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