Ready to step into the adventure of your lifetime?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

What if you believed that every day was a new adventure with me? What if you lived like every single moment of every single day mattered? What if you believed that every nudge you acted on made a difference? Because it is and it does, it really does.

You are so much more significant than you realise. I choose to act through you. I choose to limit myself in this way so my goodness can be seen more vibrantly throughout the earth. I am that good, I can limit myself and still move.

Understand that I don’t see acting through you as a limited option. You are the only option I choose to love through and the only person who sees you as limited is you! Stop believing the lie that you are unimportant. You are the most important being in all of creation!

Yes, important because you’re made in my image but don’t downplay or miss the wonder in that statement. You are created in the image of the one who holds the stars in place. You are fashioned after He who counts the birds in each evening. Your likeness is that of the one who sees and numbers each and every hair on your head. You are marvellous!

And so, marvellous one, it’s time to rise up in the fullest expression of your identity. If you’re not sure what that looks like, ask me. I know because I dreamed you into existence with my love before time began.

It’s time to step into the adventure of your lifetime, with me, and prepare to be amazed! From the outside looking in, things might not look very different but when you step into the fullness of life with me, everything changes. You will never be the same again – and I mean that in the very best way possible!

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