Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

As you move into this new era with me, I can feel you holding onto where you’ve come from. I understand why, because it’s comfortable, familiar, but it is also broken and not fit for purpose. Imagine the discomfort from walking around all day in your favourite pair of socks when there’s a hole in the big toe. Familiar, but broken and not fit for purpose.

This new era is not only not broken, it’s better than anything that ever came before. You hear the word “upgrade” but your understanding of upgrade needs a new word because you’ve never experienced upgrade like this before.

It’s going to take time for you to see the fullest expression of the upgrade, it took two thousand years to get to this point and so it’s going to take a bit more time to move into what’s next, but be assured that it is coming, I am moving, and I am inviting you to be ready.

Again, “ready” does not mean more books, more learning. “Ready” is about our relationship and you don’t have to do anything, there are no hoops to jump through, in order to step into relationship with me.

I simply need you to be, with me. Now more than ever before, ask me to help you carve intentional time into your day for us to simply do life together. This is not about more stuff on your to-do list, we can do life together while you’re doing the dishes or feeding the dog or whatever tasks you fear will get in the way of us.

Ask me to show you what this looks like and expect an answer. I am inviting you into new depths and new ways of hearing my heart. I want to engage with you, to move you into this new era with me, boldly and with the confidence that comes from being a child of the King!

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