Real worship

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

It’s time to explore and step into a life of worship. To worship is to be utterly absorbed. You find yourself hanging onto my every word, delighting in my presence and relishing our time together.

The picture of this in the natural is when someone falls in love. They are besotted! Friends or family might comment that “he worships the ground she walks on”. Those early, heady days of a new relationship when everything feels fun and exciting, that’s worship.

Life with me can be like that and not to the exclusion of others. I am all about relationship, community, togetherness. Imagine yourself living a life where you expected to walk hand in hand with me throughout the day. What might that look like?

And as we walk together, never forget that there is a “doing” element to your worship. Yes, sing songs to me, rejoice and be glad in who I am to you and move with me. Hearing me and acting on the invitations, that is worship.

To think that you can only walk with me fully, worship me well, if you tuck yourself away from day to day life is simply a lie! Consider Enoch. He had sons and daughters, a real family man, and he walked faithfully with me such that I granted him the gift of never experiencing death. Enoch is a reminder to you, a practical example, of the reality of living a life of worship in your day to day life.

I’m inviting you to step into my story. I want to partner with you to bring heaven to earth. As much as I adore spending time with you, how can you help being heaven to earth if you decide to hide yourself away? Refusing to do life is such a waste! Choosing to do life with me, moment by moment, hearing me and acting, that is real worship.

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