Relationship is all I ever wanted

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Have you ever wondered when humanity’s innate desire to be heard comes from? That need for connection and community that sees your face light up as you chat with a friend? Yes, you got that from me because I love to be heard. I love to be in community with you. Chatting with you lights up my face. There is nothing I desire more than to do life with you, moment by moment.

And yes, I know I’ve said this before, many times before, but it’s that important to me. And you can receive my invitation today in a way you couldn’t previously. Every day as our relationship grows and you get to know both me and yourself better, we get to explore life together in new ways.

It frustrates me beyond human understanding when you want to relegate our relationship to a Sunday morning in church. You might feel that I’m closer when you’re in church but that’s an illusion. You bring me with you so how could I get any closer? Gathering with others who love me is an opportunity for you to grow but it is not the pinnacle of our relationship.

I have so many things I would love to share with you but that can’t be done during a church service. There is too much noise, too many distractions.

Ask me what I’m saying. Allow me to share my heart with you. And then ask questions and allow us to explore everything together. That’s how real relationship is built.

And that’s what I want with you – a real relationship. Closer than a brother, your very best friend, someone with whom you can share all things, every thing. And as we share and explore together, you can bring others in by sharing with them too. Allow others to hear my heart so they too can step into a real relationship with me. Relationship, it really is all I ever wanted.

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