Relationship, relationship

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

My heart is bursting with love for you. Pause here in this moment and allow the reality of my love to infuse into every cell of your body. You are loved from the tip of your big toe, all the way up to the top of your head. Wiggle your fingers, roll your shoulders. Allow all of your body to feel my love.

Love is more than just a feeling of course but in this moment, I’m inviting you to experience my love in a new way. Notice how my love sits in your body, where my love takes up residence. Yes, I see you smiling and yes, I’m smiling with you.

You are a delight to me, my precious child, and I long for us to have face to face conversations, just like you have with the people who love you. One day you will see me face to face but we don’t need to wait for that day. I’m inviting you into real relationship today and every day.

What if you believed you could talk to me about everything? What if you believed that I want to partner with you in all things? What if our relationship felt tangible to you? What if this wasn’t just a hope but a reality?

Because there is nothing off limits. I really do have your very best on my heart and I would love to move into those things with you. A relationship as real and as tangible as the relationship you have with your best friend. That’s the invitation and it is entirely possible!

Ask me to show you what that looks like. Ask, expecting an answer – and prepare for our very next adventure!

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