Reverse the curse and get back to life with me

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

What have I promised you? Do you believe that if I’ve said it, it will be so, no matter what? This isn’t about blind faith or naive optimism. This is about taking me at my word. All my promises are yes and amen and your evidence is Jesus.

Yes really because in Jesus I already did the hardest thing. What could be more difficult than giving up your own child for the sake of another? And not just any “other” but an “other” who doesn’t yet know you or like you, let alone love you and want to do life with you.

That’s what we, Trinity, three in one, signed up for when we planned salvation in eternity past. We always knew we’d be playing the long game, that it would take time and patience and gentle wooing to see that particular promise through to its final resolution.

It’s safe to say then that I know more than just a little bit about unfulfilled promises and not yet met expectations. I ask you to be patient and to take me at my word but I’m not asking you to do anything that I haven’t first done myself!

I know it’s not always easy and I have the advantage of seeing the full picture but you can trust me and if I have said it, it will be so. It all comes back to faith and your ability, me-helping you, to step into each new day embracing the adventure ahead of you.

You really don’t have to play on your own. I want to help you, explore life with you, it’s what you were born for, how you were created to best function, so why strive for independence? It’s time to reverse the curse of the garden and get back to life with me.

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Because there’s adventure even in the seemingly mundane when you do life with God – and it’s so much more powerful when you journey in community!