Rise up in my love and shine

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Me-helping you, you’re here to shine the colours of my love into the world. Yes, I could do this alone but I choose not to. I want to do life with you, to have you play a part in the expansion of my Kingdom, on earth as it is in heaven.

You wonder why the long game. It feels like a strange choice from your perspective because you only see the challenges. If the age to come is so delightful, why insist humanity walks this current path? Yes, I could use my power to change everything in an instant but I choose to limit myself, to play by the rules I initiated, because every moment plays into the bigger picture.

To short cut the process would mean an eternity without some of my children and I cannot and will not tolerate that. To short cut the process would mean you and so many others would never have been born. That is unthinkable to me!

Like the shepherd counting in his sheep, every single person who ever was and is and will be is counted, numbered and known, personally. I know you don’t understand how this all fits together but you don’t need to know. You simply need to understand your part and your part is to shine with my love.

As you do so, you’re helping to weave together a vast tapestry made up of millions and billions of individuals. My children, being loved back home to me, that’s what you’re a part of and I will not do it without you.

I chose this moment, this plan, this purpose, even as I spoke the foundations of the world into being. Yes, I saw you and knew you all the way back in eternity past. Saw you, knew you, loved you and declared that you are very good. It’s time to rise up in my love and shine.

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