Rooted and established in love!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Look around you at this vast and beautiful world. When was the last time you saw a brilliant yellow dandelion looking a little off-colour? Did you ever hear a daisy complain that it was hungry? And what about the sea-gulls? Yes, from the way they communicate you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re perpetually starving but this is not the case. They’re simply using the voice I gave them in the most ungraceful way they know!

I hand-crafted each and every molecule. I know what all of creation needs, from the smallest ant to the grandest oak. Nothing is accidental or left to chance. Yes, sometimes some aspects of creation don’t operate from my best, simply because I also gifted you with the ability to choose how you move and care for my creation.

Your apparent inability to make good choices doesn’t change the plan and care I took as I spoke all of this incredible world into being! And it’s as true for you as it is for the daisy. I know what you need. I know how you tick. I know what excites you. I know your greatest fears.

I also know that you can and do make good choices. Not always, but often. And the best choice I’m inviting you to make afresh today is the choice to not worry. Refuse to worry. Do not be anxious. Stop chewing all the things you cannot see or do or understand and instead ask me what’s in your hands. 

Ask me what is in your hands and how to put it to use for the advancement of my Kingdom because regardless of your title or label, you have a higher caller, an additional assignment which supersedes that which the world says is your responsibility.

And no, I’m not calling you to neglect the things that are important. You have people who need you. You can serve them, love them and advance the Kingdom because my Kingdom is rooted and established in love!

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