Shake off sleepiness!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

As you step into this next adventure with me, it’s important to pay attention to your energy levels. Yes, you need to rest sometimes and yes, after a particularly intense season, your body will need time to catch up but be wary of lethargy.

Shake off sleepiness. Not every feeling of tiredness is physical. When you’re on the brink of stepping into your next invitation with me, the enemy would love to convince you that you’re not ready. Those feelings of physical tiredness are sometimes symptoms of a different kind of battle.

But guess what? The battle is already won! There is nothing you can’t do when you move with me and if you’re not sure what’s going on in your body, ask me about that too. I am interested in all things pertaining to you and I want you fit, vibrant and full of energy!

Hear me: This is not a invitation to strive, push through or ignore how you’re feeling. This is an invitation to recognise that there is sometimes more going on than your feelings. Your feelings are a wonderful indicator and there is more going on than you currently see or understand.

There is an assignment, a next adventure, that I have for us and it’s going to require diving deep. To do that I need you ready, full to the top with my love and operating from your place as my beloved.

Bring to me anything and everything that threatens to get in the way of what’s next. Ask me about the obstacles. Explore with me your uncertainties. Taking what the enemy meant for evil and turning them to good by bringing them to me is one weapon at your disposal that I’m inviting you to wield more frequently. 

There is nothing off limits and nothing that would cause me to sigh or roll my eyes at you so bring all things to me and allow me to breath new life into the adventure as we travel together.

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Are you ready to step into God’s adventure for your life? The Youier Games start today, Tuesday September 20th. There’s still time to join us so you can end the year well and prepare for what’s next.

Because there’s adventure even in the seemingly mundane when you do life with God – and it’s so much more powerful when you journey in community!