Shine brilliant one!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

This relationship I’m inviting you into, the opportunity to explore all of life together and chat with me like you do with your very best friend, is going to seem strange to some people. If you have loved ones who don’t yet let me love them, they won’t understand because they don’t know me. It will seem like foolishness to them but just because not everyone understands doesn’t diminish who I am to you.

The unfortunate reality is I have children who do let me love them, who declare Jesus to be their Lord and Saviour, but still they will think that what we have is strange because they’ve believed a lie about who I want to be to you.

Who I want to be to you and to all of humanity, that’s what they’ve yet to experience for themselves in a real, tangible way. They’re keeping me at a safe, respectable distance. They love me from afar but you weren’t created to have a long distance relationship with me!

But you cannot see the lie for someone else. All you can do is show up, full to the top with my love, and let our life together speak. Don’t be shy about sharing your process. When we work through a challenge together, share that story. Let our relationship do the talking – and keep your love on. You haven’t always had this relationship with me. You too once believed a lie about me, so be careful not to slip into judgement.

And no matter how strange our relationship might seem to others, never let go of it! Don’t be tempted to fall back into how we used to do life simply to fit in. You weren’t made to fit in. I want you to shine. Shine with my love! Shine with my truth! Shine the light of my love into the darkness, my brilliant one!

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