Show them my heart

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Close your eyes and see me, the master craftsman, in my workshop. Imagining and dreaming and designing and creating. It is time to recognise who you are, who I created you to be, and the value I place upon your life. The precious work of art isn’t given away for free. It is priceless and so are you!

Not everyone appreciates fine art and not everyone is going to see you the way I see you but you can’t let that stop you or hold you back. Yes, I’m inviting you again to consider your identity and just how vital you are to me.

The sculptor might have several pieces she’s working on at any one time but each is given due care and attention. Likewise, I have many children, many works of art, but that doesn’t make any less precious or treasured.

See me smiling fondly as I watch the joy of you being realised in the physical world. You were created as I laid the earth’s foundations and you are being created in this and every moment. Yes, I know that is confusing to you. Focus on my love and attention being lavished on you. Consider me pottering away in my workshop, honing my masterpiece right now.

Ask me to help you see yourself as I see you. This is not about puffing you up and making you prideful but you are my work of art. It’s okay to be proud of who I created and to recognise that you are a gift.

You are a gift and so is the person walking towards you. Ask me to help you see them as I see them. Ask me to show you the gold in the people in your life. Let me help you look for the gold when they’re being challenging! And then, me-helping you, show them my heart.

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