Soak in my love

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Soak in my love. This is not a new invitation but it is one that needs repeating because the busyness of life sometimes calls you away. I’m always with you of course so “away” is an illusion but every time you choose to consciously, deliberately step into the river of my love and get totally drenched, you’re stepping into more of my best for you.

At the end of all things the only things left are faith, hope and love – but the greatest of these is love because I am love. Love is my very nature. It makes up everything of who I am so when you soak in love, you’re soaking in me.

Yes, I’m also holy and just and mighty but those are simply attributes, characteristics of who I am but I am love. Love is what I am. This is important because the world loves to focus on my character without filtering my character through love. Without love my holiness, justice and might is misunderstood.

I need you to know me as I really am, as I’m revealing myself to you and as I’ve already revealed myself since the beginning of time. I am love. Don’t shy away from my love or try to explain or contain it.

Instead, soak in my love and allow me, love, to impact the lives of the people around you. I want every interaction another person has with you to be an interaction with me, with love. Yes, that feels challenging to you because sometimes you don’t feel very loving but you’re not doing this on your own!

My love is vital, your life force, so soak in my love. Allow me to open your senses to fresh new expressions of my love. Me-helping you, it’s time to let love flow, let me flow, into every conversation, every action, every household, every town, every nation.

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