Stay in your lane

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Stay in your lane. Don’t worry about what other people are doing or reacting to, that’s not your calling. Yes, there will be occasions when you’re asked for your opinion and you can share as you’re led but you don’t need to court controversy. And you don’t need to be “in the know” about everything that’s happening.

What if you instead focussed on what I’m inviting you into? What if that were enough? You waste so much precious time on pieces that were never yours to pick up and yes, I can redeem all things, including time, but what if you stopped making my job more difficult?

And yes, I say that with all the love in the world because I know your desires, I hear your heart. It’s time to wake up. Stop doing things simply because others are doing them and instead, move with me into my best for you.

And reject the voice of condemnation. Let’s call it what it is … a lie from the pit of hell! I never condemn you so don’t you dare slip into self-recrimination either. This is about recognising a pattern and choosing a different path. There’s no need to waste more time wallowing in how wretched you feel about those wonky patterns. Instead, simply move forward from here with me.

Choosing a different path is another way of saying, “renewing your mind” because all these patterns and paths are in your mind anyway. As you choose a different path, as you renew your mind, you’re walking out what it really means to repent.

Repentance is so much more than simply saying sorry and asking for forgiveness. Words have power yes, but they’re empty and meaningless without action and the action of repentance is returning to me and my best for you.

Embrace the call on your life. Accept the invitation to move into all of my very best for you – and stay in your lane!

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