Step out again

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Step out again into this new year. Step out again and lead well. Step out again as you share the things I nudge you to share. Your boldness is legendary! And your courage to keep going and not give up? I love it!

I have said it and it shall be so. That’s enough for you and that is faith. I love your faith and I honour it. All my promises really are yes and amen! You are fruitful and I’m removing pieces, pruning you, so that you will be even more fruitful. Those times of pruning and cleaning are to be celebrated!

Keep moving with me as you have already been doing. Press in. Don’t lose heart. Let me strengthen you. And just watch for how these things will unfold. I’m about to blow your mind!

And not just your mind. You carry keys for freedom and breakthrough for other people. Instead of smashing down doors, wasting precious energy and resources, it’s time to use the keys I have given you to unlock doors and help people step into my very best for them.

Let me show you what the keys you carry look like. Explore them with me. And don’t settle with my first answer. Dig deeper. Ask questions. Take me at my word yes and understand that there are layers to this. My first answer will open up conversation and lead to a better understanding.

As we explore these keys together, you have the opportunity to both strengthen our relationship and wield the keys well. Who better to get instruction from than the one who gave you the keys in the first place? You can trust that I know what I’m doing!

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