Stop striving

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Stop striving and instead trust the still, small voice. I rarely show up in the thunder or the fire, although I can if the situation necessitates it but I’m here to do life with you, to have a relationship with you. Consider someone in your life who you care about very much. How intimate would you feel if all your conversations with them were shouted very loudly from across the room? There is a need for raised voices on very rare occasions but that’s not ideal, the norm or my best.

The same is true in the way that we do life together. I am in the whisper, the gentle nudge you hear inside your mind and even the deep felt knowing that has no discernible voice at all. Trust the still small voice. Trust and act accordingly.

And when you’re not sure, when you think you mis-heard me, feel free to ask me to repeat myself. You do that in the natural so why do you insist upon putting so much pressure on yourself to get it “right” when you’re doing life with me?

I’m not far from you and those times when it feels to you like I’ve gone quiet, when you’re not getting the answer you’re waiting on me for, ask me what’s on my heart. Talk to me about why I’m not answering you. Is it possible I’m answering a different question and you’re simply not hearing me because you’re so focussed on what’s on your agenda?

I understand you live and move through time and so in certain seasons there is a need for an answer within a timeframe but I’m not holding out on you. If you don’t hear an answer to a question, there’s a very good reason for that. Ask me. Let the apparent silence be yet another source of deepening our relationship. All of this is about relationship, doing life together. That’s my best for you.

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