Stop trying to carry my stuff!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

The world needs hope and you are the person I’m inviting to deliver it! Yes, you and a few more of my friends but there are specific people who you’re going to come into contact with today who need you to be the deliverer of hope. If you don’t bring hope to that person, there is no backup plan.

I don’t say that to try and guilt trip you into action. I say that to help you see that you are far more important and significant than you ever previously realised. You think you’re “just you” but from where I’m standing, there’s no “just” about it!

I have the power and ability to infuse the world with hope in one instant but that’s not how I choose to operate. I choose to limit myself, to operate within the rules of the game as I set them, and that means you have a part to play. You are a vital part of the story!

I’ll say it again … yes, I could do it another way but I won’t. I could play all on my own but I don’t. I am entirely self-sufficient, content and complete in the relationship of Trinity – and I want to partner with you.

The author of humanity, the one who spoke all of creation into being, the one through whom everything you see around you right now is held together, is asking you if you’d like to come out to play.

You don’t need to know what it’s going to look like. It’s okay to be uncertain. You don’t even need to totally understand how or why. You simply need to accept the invitation and allow me to be God. Results and outcomes are on me, remember. Stop trying to carry my stuff!

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