What’s stopping you?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

If you only knew just how much I love you, never again would you hang your head or doubt. Fear would have no place in your life. With the Creator of the universe, the Lord of hosts, the King of kings at your side, you would be unstoppable. You are unstoppable!

But I’m not merely alongside you. I’m inside you and behind you and ahead of you. You are surrounded, covered, wholly and completely – so what’s stopping you?

What’s stopping you from stepping boldly with my confidence into this brand new day? What’s stopping you from speaking my love? What’s stopping you from owning and operating in every gift I’ve given you?

These are not rhetorical questions! Bring these questions to me. Allow me to shine my light into the dark and uncertain places in your life. Ask, expecting an answer, because I love all your questions and none more so than the ones I’m inviting you to explore with me right now.

Reject any lie that tells you these are thoughts too lofty or idealistic for today. Yes, there are challenges in the world and that is why now more than ever before I need you to wake up, shake off whatever is holding you back, and move forward with me.

Shake off with me. You don’t have to battle any of these pieces on your own. You battle with the power and authority that comes from being my beloved. And you battle with me, one doubt and insecurity at a time.

And having battled and defeated, resist the temptation to pick over the carcass. I know that imagery makes you squirm. I hear you frowning, wondering if that’s the right word to describe what remains. Having battled with me, your doubts and insecurities are dead to me so yes, carcass is the perfect word! They’re gone. Refuse to entertain them any longer and instead move forward with me.

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