Take me at my word. Test me. Try me

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Whilst it might seem easier to be able to hear me when it’s quiet or when you have worship music playing, the reality is that I’m always speaking to you. It never needs to be complicated.

You don’t need to wait until things are in order or you have a long period of space in your day. You are with me, always. You can hear me, anytime. The idea that things needs to be “just so” is a lie, invented to keep you distant from me. I’m so close to you, “distant” is an impossibility but the impression of distance is sometimes enough to make you feel like I’m not speaking to you. Shall I say it again? I’m always speaking to you!

I speak to you through my words. I speak to you through nature. I speak to you through other people. I speak to you through dreams and visions. I speak to you in your mind. I speak to you through circumstances. I’m so creative, there’s no end to the way I’m communicating with you.

And no, not everyone gets it. Even some people who love me refuse to believe that I can speak outside of the bible. Why would I limit myself to the written word when there are people who can’t yet read? How will they know my heart if I restrict myself like that?

Just because other people don’t yet “get it” doesn’t make what I’m saying to you any less valid. Yes, you need to remember to keep talking to me, asking me questions, seeking confirmation, especially when the things you hear feel big or dramatic.

Think of every word as being a conversation starter. If I share a piece of the puzzle with you, don’t take it and run off with it. Bring it to me and let me show you more of the picture. I never tire of exploring life with you. You never exhaust me!

Take me at my word. Test me. Try me. See if you can out-communicate me. I dare you. Because you think you have a lot to say but you have nothing on me! I’ve been whispering my love throughout all of time and space and I’ve still barely scratched the surface. My love for you is inexhaustible so why wouldn’t I want to talk with you about it?

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