Take the next step

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

As you move forward, avoid the temptation to overthink and over plan. You don’t need to know exactly where we’re going or who you’ll meet along the way. As you move with me, you can be certain that I will orchestrate divine connections but you don’t need to know who and where in advance.

Instead, simply take the next step. Take the next step, trusting that I have already gone ahead of you and prepared the way. And I am right there with you, guarding your heart, giving you the words when words are needed.

You worry because it’s going to be different to how it was before but you are a new creation, growing in relationship with me, so every day is different to how it was before – and that’s okay. Different is simply part of the journey of humanity.

If every day were exactly the same, if you always knew where, when and how, you’d quickly get bored and restless. Alternately, you’d slip into autopilot and I don’t want you living your life on autopilot. 

Every day is a new adventure, a journey to be travelled with me, and you need to keep all of your senses – both physical and spiritual – alert and in-tune with what I’m doing, where I’m leading you. And not because hearing me is hard. You know my voice, my gentle whisper. Stay alert so you don’t miss any of the wonder and delight I have for you!

Embrace the joy in this moment. Lift up your head and look around you. I am moving in this moment and you are a part of that because you are in me. You in me and me in you, remember?

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