The light changes everything

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

The light changes everything. Everything. And the more you fix your eyes on the light, ask me to give you eyes open to see and experience everything that it means to live in the light, the more I will impact the world through you today.

And no, this isn’t simply about impacting “the world”, it starts very personally with you and me. The more you fix your eyes on the light, the more you fix your eyes on Jesus, the more you let me love you, the closer you and I can walk this day out together. 

But make no mistake about it … there is more at stake here than you know. I love the world, personally and deeply with a love you cannot fully comprehend, and I’m inviting you to be a part of that love story.

When you live life out loud with me, with your eyes illuminated by the light of Jesus, I can do incredible things through you. And we’re not talking world stages, although we might be of course, but this isn’t about “incredible” by the world standards. 

There is nothing more incredible and more delightful to me than one heart. Personal and deep and for the whole world, remember?

Never underestimate the difference you make today when your one heart is aligned with mine.

Every time you hear and follow a nudge, every time you respond with kindness when your instinctual reaction is to lash out, every time you take a deep breathe and ask me to help you, every time you simply pause and allow me to whisper into the moment, I am delighted by you.

The reality is I am delighted by you, period. My delight is not dependent upon your performance. I delight in you like only the very best parent can. Because you are my child, my child of the King, and I love you.