The mess never negates my promises

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Sometimes life is messy but guess what? The mess never negates my promises. King David started life as the youngest member of his family with big brothers who spoke down to him. They didn’t even invite him into the room when Samuel asked to be introduced to Jesse’s sons!

Joseph the dreamer was hated by his brothers. They plotted to kill him and sold him into slavery. Saul spent his early years murdering people then in later life found himself on the receiving end of murder plots! Samson’s downfall was his wife. 

Families are messy. It’s not always easy or happy or plain sailing but that never changes or negates the promises. I was with Joseph in the dungeon and I am with you right now. When life is challenging, that changes nothing between us.

Keep leaning on me. Follow the nudges. Let me help you keep on loving, even when it feels impossibly difficult because yes, some seasons feel difficult but me helping you, you can navigate every season, any season, with grace and love.

And every time you choose to love, you’re bringing more of me into play. That can only be a good thing! Not every battle is yours to fight so let me lead you. And those people who are particularly challenging, give them to me. I love them too, even when they don’t recognise my love or actively let me love them.

You can love, me-helping you. And even if they don’t know from Whom you get your love, know that I am with you, loving in you and through you and every time you choose to love, I am so very proud of you.

This season will pass. And in the meantime, keep loving. Keep exploring with me what that looks like. Yes, you want to be loved by the people in your life and that’s totally understandable and reasonable. They do love you, they just don’t always have the easiest time expressing love because they don’t walk with me the way you do. Let me help you receive their love. And know that I love you with an ever-lasting love. 

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