The only accolade you need

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Never forget that the outcome is on me. Practice, show up, lean in and move as I nudge, and then take a deep breath and let go. Fall back into who I am and every way that I am moving. And be bold because I am with you with every step of the way.

Boldness with me and in me is not arrogance. This is a boldness that comes simply from knowing Whose you are, in Whose power and authority you live and move and have your very being.

When you move with me, in my boldness in you, you don’t need to be afraid of what other people think. Not everyone is going to appreciate you – but that’s not your problem and is nothing to be afraid of.

I understand that that doesn’t sit comfortably with you. You want everyone to like you, you don’t like to cause a stir, but to really step into my best you are going to need to use your voice boldly and confidently. Hear me again … bold confidence is not loud arrogance. This is not about who can shout the loudest. That’s not what I’m inviting you to embrace!

You can be confidentially bold as you offer tender kindness. You can be confidentially bold and humble. You are confidentially bold when you embrace each moment with me. And, not everyone is going to like it.

It’s time to break agreement with the lie that you need the world to love you in order to be effective. The whole world does not love me and I am incredibly effective! Not a day goes past when I don’t show up and make a difference and yet the mere mention of my name is enough to cause some to curse.

Your ability to walk out the plan and purpose for your life has zero connection to how treasured you are by others. I treasure you, I adore you, and that is the only accolade you need to pay attention to!

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