The ultimate parent?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Please never forget … you’re not my servant, you’re my child. We really need a mind shift around that. I want us to play together, relishing in love, childlike wonder and delight. There is so much we can play with together today!

Yes I am holy and powerful and mighty – and you do not need a reminder of that, it’s been drummed into you since you were little. It’s time for a fresh vision of relationship. 

What if you really believed that I am the ultimate parent? Never tiring. Never too busy. Never suggesting you’re too much. Never leaving. Never hurting.

Always available, always loving and kind. Knowing what you need and providing for it. Always proud of you, delighting in each step you take.

What if that was who I am? If you knew, deep in your core, that you really are a child of the King, what kind of difference would that make?

Nothing is accidental. Everything plays together for a purpose. Every picture Jesus shared about children therefore is intentional, leading to this very moment.

The world wants you to grow up, be independent, to get your act together and move through life to the beat of your own drum but what if that is not how you were wired to operate? “In the world but not of the world” points to this truth. You operate within the world’s systems but that “crazy person” you sometimes feel like? That’s your “not of the world” wiring. You know you were created for something more.

That “something” is life with me. The more you embrace the reality of doing day to day life with me, the more you allow me to love you, nurture you, parent you, the more we can bring heaven to earth.

And yes, as a “grown up” this idea of being parented bumps up against stuff. That’s simply your “of the world” wiring. There is much to unlearn. We can explore all of it together. It’s going to be so much fun! And yes, some of it will be challenging but all of it builds into the glorious tapestry of life.