The very best choice you can make

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

It’s time to let love be your foundation. Let me help you love people where they’re at instead of where you wish they were, just like Jesus did. Jesus didn’t come to judge so why should you? Let love be the root of everything that comes out of your mouth and every action you take.

Love covers a multitude of sins, it really is the ultimate solution. Start with love, keep on keeping on with love, end with love and you won’t go far wrong. Let me help you love like Jesus. That’s what it really means to fix your eyes on Jesus. He is your very best example to live up to and greatest encourager when it feels too hard.

I know you get tired of being the one who keeps the peace, you bite your tongue and don’t react in the name of love and it exhausts you. Understand that every time you choose to love, every time your don’t react with a cross word, every time you keep your hurtful or argumentative thoughts to yourself, all of heaven rejoices. 

There are times and occasions when you will need to speak up. This is not about remaining silent always and this isn’t about being a doormat. I can help you pick your battles wisely and even give you the words to say when words are needed.

Don’t get weary in well-doing. You might find it exhausting but I can sustain you. And not every moment of every day is about battling or choosing your words carefully. This is simply one of the practical ways you can lead with love, me-helping you.

I know it’s not always easy but fix your eyes on Jesus. Understand why you’re choosing love. It really is a choice and always the very best choice you can make.

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