Today ripples into eternity

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

There is nothing that can separate you from my love – and that includes nothing from your past, your present, or your future. That includes the people around you, the works of the enemy, and the choices you make. It is impossible for you to escape my love!

If I am for you, who can come against you? Remember that the next time you feel uncertain or afraid. This doesn’t make you immune from challenges, living in the current age won’t always be easy for you, but know that it is finished! Every victory is already won!

I’m inviting you to have a longer range view of history. Yes, you feel like you travel through life the long way round. It took so long to get to where you are today, it feels to you like it will always go on the same but this is not my reality or my perspective.

What if I helped you embrace today from the perceptive of heaven? Can you imagine how your understanding of today might shift if you saw it set within the context of all of time? This life, this current age, this world as you know it, is not all there is. Embrace the joy in today, flowing with me, following the nudges and understand that today ripples into eternity.

If this age had no consequence, why not end it one thousand years ago? I am not wasteful and nothing is accidental. Everything makes a difference. Everything is significant. Every moment is a gift!

You don’t understand how each moment links with another to form a beautiful, rich tapestry so instead I’m asking you to simply trust the Creator, the one who sees all things. Trust that I know what I’m doing and when you see this moment set within the context of the whole picture, you are going to be delighted!

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