Together we will change the world!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

As we move deeper into this adventure together, some people are going to think you’re a little crazy. I’ve told you before what I think of the crazy ones … they’re my favourite. And one thing the crazy ones never are is boring. Get ready then for a life of adventure, a little bit crazy but never boring!

And don’t worry that not everyone around you understands this life we’re building together. One day they’ll catch the vision and when they do, you’ll be in the perfect position to help them embrace everything I’m doing.

You are breaking new ground! And yes, sometimes that looks a bit messy, it can feel uncomfortable as you go out on a limb. You might make yourself feel a little silly at times. Understand that nothing you do can ever make me look foolish. You won’t make me look bad when you move forward into everything I’m inviting you into.

And when you take those steps forward despite your feelings of uncertainty? I could not be prouder of you. I’m cheering you on! Cheering you on and leading you forward. You’re never alone in this, we’re doing it together.

Let me protect you, cover you with my thick skin so your heart can stay soft regardless of what other people might say. No-one had seen rain when Noah built the ark. Abraham’s family stayed at home when he set out to the land I gave him. Jesus did very few miracles in his home town because they only saw him as Joseph’s boy.

You cannot allow offence or misunderstanding stop you from moving forward into our great big adventure together! Instead, let me help you love like I love, one person at a time, one heart at a time, and together we will change the world!

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