Unapologetically unafraid

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

The enemy loves to threaten you, to have you running scared, believing lies that simply aren’t true. Add your own doubts and insecurities into the mix and it’s no wonder you sometimes feel like you’re being tossed around like a boat on a stormy ocean.

It’s time to tell the storm to be still in Jesus name! Because yes, there is an enemy at work but he is already beaten. What you are experiencing is the death pangs of a fight that has already been won!

Yet again the invitation is to be unapologetically unafraid. The only authority the enemy has over you and your household is the authority you delegate to him. Stop giving away your authority and instead stand in the confidence of who you are in Jesus!

I declare freedom over you, your loved ones, your household, your community, your nation. And it starts with you. Knowing who you are and Whose you are is powerful. Stop giving your authority to the enemy, he will only squander it. Instead, partner with me to bring life. Life. Love. Victory. Freedom.

There is much to be done and we will do it together. Keep walking with me. And when you’re not sure, when those doubts and insecurities threaten to derail you, come back to me. I never went anywhere of course. It’s simply your awareness of me sometimes shifts when the storms of life come against you.

Fix your eyes on me. Pay attention to what I’m doing. And ask me to show you just how brilliant I am and how loved, treasured and adored by me you are. That’s the real antidote to nonsense from the enemy .. a better understanding, a knowing deep in your core, that you are loved and protected by one who makes anything and everything else pale into insignificance.

Get a better, bigger, more vivid image of me and you really will be able to stand unapologetically unafraid in all circumstances.

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