Watch me move

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Instead of looking at the clock and giving yourself a hard time for the things you didn’t do yet or the ways in which you allowed yourself to be distracted, what if you gave the clock to me? Yes that’s a metaphor. I’m not asking you to literally, physically hand over the time keeping devices in your home. You need an awareness of the passing of time so you don’t miss things.

But did you ever see Jesus worry about being late? When he spent time talking with people, was he ever concerned how doing so might impact the rest of his day? Did he ever run from one place to another?

Jesus walked. And talked. And laughed. And explained. And took his time with the people who needed him. He also took time away to rest in my love and to do life with me. Yes, if cars had been invented he might have taken an Uber but he’d have done so without fretting or nagging the driver to go faster.

There is enough time in today for you to do everything I’m inviting you to do when you move with me. “Everything I’m inviting you to do” is key though. Not everything on your todo list is for today. Some of it isn’t yours to do at all!

And yes, I know we’ve explored this before but you’re in a season when time feels fluid and it unsettles you. Anything that is on your mind is on my mind which is why we’re here again today with a reminder about what doing “all things with me” really looks like.

“All things” doesn’t come with a caveat or loophole. There aren’t areas of your life that I’m uninterested in. I am the most interested being in all of creation and I want to do all things with you, without exception. Give me your time and watch me move!

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