What are you saying no to when you give your yes?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I’m teaching you how to move at my pace and within the comfort and security of my grace. Don’t misunderstand me: My pace is not slow! There are times when we move together and you look back afterwards, amazed to see all that we’ve done together. Often though, because of the culture you live in with its obsession with productivity and work, learning to move at my pace does require you to embrace less doing.

This is not a call to laziness. I do have a plan and a purpose for your life and there are elements of the promises I have for you that require very focussed time and attention but there’s a difference between moving at my pace, with me and simply grinding out a piece of work. I do not want you to grind or hustle or strive!

I also want to help you banish the daft distractions that threaten to derail you. You don’t have to jump after every notification. Yes, be available for people but there’s a balance to be struck and I want to help you find that balance.

If you knew that every time you responded to a notification, it would take a day off your life, that would help curb your desire to be available, wouldn’t it? And of course that doesn’t actually happen in the natural world but it does have an impact – both in the natural and the supernatural. Your “yes” to a notification results in a “no” elsewhere.

What are you stopping, resisting or saying no to when you jump on a distraction? Let me show you because there is so much I’d love us to explore together but your time is not limitless. If you say “yes” to me, doing so results in a “no” elsewhere. Do you see now how this works both ways?

And that’s why the invitation is to move at my pace within the comfort and security of my grace because I see the end from the beginning and I will not let you down.

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