What do I expect of you?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

It’s time to stop focussing on other people’s expectations of you and instead, ask me what I expect of you. And recognise that sometimes the things you think other people are expecting of you are inventions of your mind. Yes, you are sometimes your own worst enemy. You make things feel more difficult for yourself than you need to.

What if you didn’t? What if you asked me what I’m doing, what I’m expecting, what I’m inviting you into, and then took me at my word? Because yes, there are things you need to do and sometimes people are waiting on you but you really don’t need to try so hard.

Consider what I’ve invited you to explore before … my best for you. My best for you does not include stress or worry or discontent. It also doesn’t include making excuses for me when I show up differently to the way you expected or to a time frame different to your own.

I am good, all the time. And as such, my best for you is also good. What’s it going to take for you to fully embrace everything I’m doing in your life?

Yes, I’m moving in your life even when you can’t see me. This is not same old, same old, “business as usual”, running from one task to the next until you collapse in a heap and fall asleep, only to wake up the next day and repeat the process all over again! There is nothing “usual” or mundane about what I’m inviting you into.

Get ready to defy expectations and look at things from my perspective. Who you are to me is so much more important than what others think of you or expect from you. Let me help you let go of the expectations of others and instead, embrace life with me, who I am to you and who you are in me.

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