What is My truth?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

There’s more power in my little finger than in all the forces of evil combined. Remember that the next time you start to feel overwhelmed by the darkness in the world. You’re not here to banish darkness in order for my love to be seen. My love and light and power and majesty banish all darkness. Darkness must flee in the face of light. It simply cannot exist!

And I am moving in my power for you. I am moving, taking action, in all things for your good. Yes, your good within the wider context of the whole of humanity. There are parts of the picture that you can’t yet see and that sometimes leaves you questioning what “good” really looks like but I am a good Dad. You don’t need to worry about how my good for you will play out. I’m instead inviting you to simply trust me.

Trust me and move with the confidence that comes from knowing Whose you are. Since there is more power in my little finger than in all the forces of evil combined, no plan or scheme of the enemy against you can prosper. The war is already won. Let me help you live from a position of victory!

You are victorious. You will not be overcome. Let the truth of that sink deep into your core. You are victorious. You will not be overcome. You don’t feel victorious? Your feelings are not truth. They can be a great indicator, a guide to things that need attention, but they are not truth. 

The truth is you are victorious. The truth is you will not be over come. The truth is you are loved, wholly and completely. The truth is that nothing can ever separate you from my love. The truth is you are mine, made in my image, precious and delightful. My love is the truth and I am love.

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