What season are you in?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

It is finished! The enemy is defeated! Stop looking to the media for the score. The battle has already been won! If you want to focus on any score, keep score of how many times today you choose love instead of fear.

It is a choice and one that gets easier with practice. You’re not ruled by your emotions. You’re free to notice them and then, me-helping you, move on with the rest of your day, loving as you go.

I know I make that sound very simple but I’m here to help you so it really is simple. Simple and yes, even easy if you allow yourself to be guided by me. I know you hear this from me a lot but it really is vital. When you move with me, you’re living your best life, no exceptions!

You focus on all the things you haven’t done yet or all the areas where you don’t measure up without realising just how powerful you are. If you really knew the power you have, yes through me but delegated power is still power! And if you knew how powerful you are, you wouldn’t allow yourself to get intimidated so easily.

Let me show you the areas of your life where I’m inviting you to move with power and authority today. Yes, there are seasons of waiting but not every season is a waiting season. Sometimes it’s time to move! How will you know if you don’t ask me?

So ask me what season you’re in. Ask me what power and authority look like within the context of that season. Ask, always expecting an answer, and then let me help you move in accordance with what you hear. One step at a time, together.

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