What’s my truth?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Stop looking around you at all the things you haven’t done yet, the things you’ve told yourself you should be doing, and instead ask me for my truth. Let me show you everything you’re doing from the perspective of heaven. Yes, there are things that need your attention, commitments and expectations, but I am moving in those things too – and I’m here to help you see and understand all things, even those things, from my perspective. 

Who do I say you are? How are you known in the heavenly places? What thoughts do I have concerning you? What am I saying about you and your life? 

Those are the pieces, the truths, I’m inviting you to explore today. And that’s not to the exclusion of all other things. Remember, I never told you to hide away and do life with me in a cave! Do life with me, all of life with me, and explore your life from my perspective.

And be open to the possibility that some of the things that cause you stress were never yours to carry. Have you slipped into the habit of trying to control the outcome again? Outcomes are my responsibility. Stop picking up my stuff!

We can do great and wonderful things together when you stop trying to control everything and instead, go with the flow of my Spirit. Talk to me about the things we’re going to do, and share with me those things that are on your mind. 

If there are pieces that would make your heart sing, tell me about them. Yes, I already know but it causes me great delight when you share with me. There is nothing about you that I’m not interested in and I’m never too busy for you, so share your heart and allow me to share mine. That’s how we build this relationship, one conversation at a time.

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