What’s your identity?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Do you believe that there is a plan and a purpose for your life? Do you believe me when I share with you the promises that are done from my perspective? Do you believe me, take me at my word, when I invite you to share my faith for impossible situations?

Or do you find it easier to focus on how insignificant you feel? Do you prefer to look at all the things you haven’t done yet? The promises that are still unfulfilled?

Stop doubting! How you feel about you is incredibly powerful yes, because it fuels my ability to move in your life, but how you feel about you is rarely grounded in any kind of reality.

As you get ready to step into this next season, you’ve got to get your identity rooted in me and who I say you are. When you do that, you’ll stop being pushed around by doubt and confusion and instead be able to stand strong in who you are in me!

This isn’t about being proud or self-centred, when you remain in me it is impossible for you to move with arrogance, but we’ve got years of conditioning to remove. You’ve grown up with messages of humility and insignificance to the point where you’ve accepted the word that you’re a worm. This is a lie!

Yes, you were created to do life with me and this means that the only way to bear fruit is to remain in me but that doesn’t make you less then. Picture the mane on a horse. It can do nothing apart from the rest of the animal. Apart from the animal, the mane will shrivel up and die, but that doesn’t make the mane any less beautiful and significant! 

The same is true of you. You are incredible, a wonder to behold, and it’s time to identify with and embrace who I say you are. Take me at my word!

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