Who am I?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Have you every paused to consider what life with me might be like if you stopped trying so hard? The flower growing towards the sun doesn’t need to try very hard. Yes, lots of energy is taken up as it grows but where does that energy come from? The sun. And where does the power come from for you to grow? The Son! Jesus!

You really don’t need to try so hard. Instead, just like the flower trusts the process, you too can trust the process, my process. I know exactly what I’m doing and nothing catches me “off guard”.

It’s time to take me at my word and allow me to move in your life with wild abandon! Does the idea of that scare you? It doesn’t need to. I understand why it might but don’t lose sight of who I am. I am not a man who might try and run roughshod over your life. I am the one who dreamed you into being. I know you more intimately even than you know yourself.

Those moments in days when you get a clear picture of who you are and the things that light you up? Every moment with me is like one of those moments and without the distraction of enemy influences or self-doubt.

And I am love. Why then would it be frightening to let me move in and through your life unreservedly? Do you trust that I really do have your best in mind or is there a small part of you feeling a little uncertain? 

Let me shine the light of my love on all doubt and uncertainty because anything that’s stopping us from jumping into relationship whole-heartedly needs to be addressed. Addressed with love and truth. It’s time to find out who I really am, who I want to be to you. 

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