Will you allow your mind to rest with me?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

What would it look like if you allowed your mind to rest with me? You have such a brilliant mind, so many thoughts and ideas, and I gave you that wonderful mind so why not allow us to play in your mind together? What would that look like? I know you don’t really know but I ask you the question so you can bring it to me and explore with me.

Understand though that when we play in your mind, it allows you to rest in a way you don’t often experience. Imagine your mind in a state of stillness without all the thoughts rushing through it. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it?

And that’s what resting with me is like. You can rest your mind with me while you’re doing other things. This is really about heart posture and being open to new ways of communicating with me.

Instead of rushing from one thing to the next, ask me what’s on my heart. Allow me to whisper my love to you. Allow me to explore with you the things that are important to me. I want to share these things with you. Yes, the One who spoke the stars into being wants to share with you.

And remember that I’m not asking you to take direct action on everything I share. Some of the things I share with you are just for us. Other things are for you to pray into and explore more with me. Still others will be for you to share with someone else and sometimes the things I share are needed more corporately.

The only way for you to know what to do with what I share is to ask me. Don’t jump up on the very next word and broadcast it from the rooftops! Hear my heart, rest in everything I have for you, and when action is needed, trust that I’ll make that known to you.

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